New Design Guidelines

The Cañada Hills Community Association (CHCA aka the Master Association) has updated their guidance and approval process for exterior modifications. These changes are effective immediately. The link below details that process.

Design Guidelines – Standards and Modifications to the Exterior of Existing Homes.

As a reminder, modifications to the exterior property, with a few exceptions, must be approved by both the Eagles Bluff Design Review Committee AND the CHCA DRC. To streamline this approval process, Eagles Bluff follows the CHCA guidance, unless the proposed modification uniquely impacts negatively on our neighbors. Refer to the following document to familiarize yourself with our approval process.

Eagles Bluff Design Review Process

The following form incorporates both Eagles Bluff DRC and CHCA DRC submittal information. Both are required for any external modifications requiring DRC review.

Property Improvement Form

The primary responsibility of the Design Review Committee (formerly known as the (Architectural Review Committee and the Architectural Control Committee ) is to advise and assist the Board of Directors in preserving the harmonious architectural and appearance of Eagles Bluff; and in protecting the values of property within our community.

The Eagles Bluff Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) Article VIII, requires that all improvements, changes and alterations which change the exterior appearance of any property within Eagles Bluff, Cañada Hills Village 14 must be reviewed and approved by the ‘Architectural Control Committee’. The Eagles Bluff committee was renamed the ‘Design Review Committee’ (DRC), to follow the same naming convention that is used by the Canada Hills Community Association’s Design Review Committee. The CHCA DRC has overall responsibility for reviewing and approving exterior changes to homeowner’s property throughout the twenty-one Villages of Cañada Hills.