Exterior Lights

Is your exterior light bulb dead?

With the extended daylight hours of these long, hot, summer days, it’s easy not to notice this exterior bulb has gone dead.

Not all, but most of the homes in the community have a dawn-to-dusk light sensor on at least one exterior light. So by early morning this light is automatically turned off. By evening, when the light should be lit, we are inside our cool, comfortable homes; unaware that the bulb is dead.

Please take a moment tonight and check the status of your exterior light. If the bulb needs replacing, The Canada Hills Community Association (CHCA), requires you to use a 40-Watt bulb (yes, that is a “thing” with them). Using a compact fluorescent or LED bulb, although more expensive, will last longer and use less electricity.

Emergency Contact:
Are you away for the summer? Have you left emergency contact information with our HOA Manager. Monsoon Storm damage to your home can be lessened if we can contact you quickly; so you can begin the process of damage mitigation and repair.