Committee’s Purpose

The  Committee  shall  make  recommendations to the Board of  Directors  on  all matters pertaining to resolutions, rules, or violations to the Association’s CC&R’s and Rules and Regulations.

The Enforcement Committee shall consist of three (3) or more persons appointed by the Board of Directors of the Association. If less than three members comprise the committee, then the Board of Directors will act as a “Committee of the Whole”, to conduct the committee’s business.

Additionally, all members of the Association are encouraged to report alleged violations of the Association’s Rules and Regulations to our HOA Manager, for investigation.
How to file a complaint to the Enforcement Committee


It is not the responsibility of the committee or individual members of the association, to enforce the laws and regulations of the Town of Oro Valley, Pima County or the State of Arizona.  Homeowners and residents are reminded that issues of speeding, noise, or disturbances of any kind, are to be directed to the Oro Valley Police Department, by dialing 520-229-4900 or in case of an emergency, dialing 911.