Phone List

Oro Valley Police Non-Emergency(520) 229-4900
Golder Ranch Fire District Non-Emergency(520) 825-9001
AZ Poison & Drug 24-Hour Non-Emergency(800) 222-1222
AZ Child Protective Services 24-Hour(520) 721-3097
Pima County Animal Care Center(520) 724-5900
Pima County Animal Control(520) 243-5900
Pima County Sheriff's Department Non-Emergency(520) 351-4900
Town of Oro Valley(520) 229-4700
Waste Management of Tucson(520) 744-2600
Wildlife In-Home: "Critter Control" is a for-fee service
Wildlife Outside: Call Pima County Animal Control
(520) 336-9431
(520) 243-5900
Report Golf Course Vandalism 24-Hour(520) 544-1777