Directors’ Message

Happy Holidays!
It’s that time of “the rolling year”, when several holidays are celebrated. Whether those celebrations are rooted in “pagan” or “sacred” traditions, they all celebrate family, friends, and community. So in that spirit of celebration, we wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a Safe, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

Holiday Lights
Despite attempts from the folks at the Hallmark Channel to make the Christmas Season a year-round event, Thanksgiving has traditionally marked the beginning of “the season”, and holiday lights are already starting to make their annual appearance in the community.

While we don’t have specific rules governing light displays, there are some guidelines from our HOA and the Canada Hills Community Association.

  • External Lights should not shine directly into a neighboring lot.
  • Audio displays should not produce excessive noise, and cease operating by 9PM.
  • Holiday displays should be removed from view by January 31.

Board Vacancies a Call for Candidates
2022 will bring two vacancies on our five-member Board of Directors. The three-year terms of office for Ken Harry and Joe Recchio are ending. An election will be held to fill these vacancies, with ballots mailed to Association Members in early January 2022, as part of our Annual Meeting activities.

The November 30 deadline for any Association member in good standing, who was interested in being on our Board, to get their name placed on the Ballot, has passed. If you missed the filing deadline, but still wish to run for a seat on the Board, you can also run as a write-in candidate.

Board of Directors