Directors’ Message

2024 Budget
The 2024 Budget has been approved at the November 7th meeting. You can find the details over in ‘RECENT POSTS

New Design Guidelines for External Modifications to Our Homes
The Canada Hills Community Association has updated the design guidelines for exterior modifications. For those association members that have shared their email address with us, check your inbox (hopefully not your spam folder), for a copy of the new guidelines. You can also find this document posted on our website.

Call for Candidates
We have two upcoming vacancies on our five member Board of Directors. The election to fill these seats will occur as part of our annual meeting. By state law, voting will be conducted via a mail-in ballot. The deadline for getting your name on the ballot is December 15. A ‘call for candidates’ has been mailed to each Lot Owner. Here’s your opportunity to become a volunteer in our community.

Any homeowner in good standing, wishing to be a candidate for the Board, may simply declare their interest to either our Association Manager or to any Board member.

Are You Ready for Winter?
Winter in just around the corner. While here in Southern Arizona, winter in nothing like up North, we can still experience sub-freezing temperatures. Have you prepared your home for cold weather. Here’s some helpful tips.

Holiday Lights
It’s that time of year when one’s thoughts turn to exterior holiday decorations. A common question that arises during the holiday season is, “Does the HOA have a policy or rule on Christmas lights?” The answer to that question is “no”.

The usual and customary practice within the community, is that folks put up holiday decorations around Thanksgiving and remove them a week or so after New Year’s Day. All holiday decorations are generally removed by the end of January.
For more info, click on this link.

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Holiday Season!