Directors’ Message

Labor Day – Summer’s End?
Docents at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, like to tell their visitors that Arizona has five seasons, Winter, Spring, Wet Summer, Dry Summer, and Fall. I like to tell people that here in Southern Arizona, we have only two seasons, Hot and Damn Hot. We are entering the “Hot” season.

Newcomers to our “Fall” weather in Arizona, may not realize that our famous “dry heat” can stretch well into October. The link to the CDC website, provides helpful information to recognize and treat heat related illnesses. Of course, if you encounter someone in physical distress, always call 911.

CDC Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heat Related Illnesses

Board Vacancies a Call for Candidates
2022 will bring two vacancies on our five-member Board of Directors. The three-year terms of office for Ken Harry and Joe Recchio are ending, and they are stepping down from Board activities.

Any Association member in good standing, who is interested in being on our Board, is encouraged to contact our HOA Manager by November 30, to get their name placed on the Ballot. An election will be held to fill these vacancies, with ballots mailed to Association Members in early January 2022, as part of our Annual Meeting activities.

Board of Directors