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Board Approves 8.3% Assessment Hike


The approved 8.3% Increase equates to $2 Dollars a month for each Lot Owner. The Quarterly Assessment for 2023, will be $78 Dollars.

Why was the Increase Necessary?

Our 2022 operating expenses ending on September 30, 2022, have generally been within budget with the exception of Landscaping.  However, the loss of three common area trees, two to monsoon storms, and one that was causing root damage to a homeowner’s property, have exceeded our landscaping budget by $1,346. An additional October expense was to remove drought-killed vegetation in our common area adjacent to the golf course.  These expenditures will exceed the 2022 year end landscaping budget by approximately $3,300.

2023 Assessment Increase

Addressing these extra-ordinary landscaping expenses to as capital expenses reduced the cash balance of the capital reserve account. It was recommended that the 2023 assessment be increased to provide sufficient funds for capital funding, as well as inflationary impacts to operating expenses.  The recommendation to the Board was for an 8.3% increase. This increase is equal to the Estimated CPI for 2022; the maximum allowed by Section 6.03c of our CC&Rs, without requiring a special vote of the Association membership.  The Board approved this increase at the November 3rd meeting.  

Where does the money go?

BOD Meeting Minutes 11-03-22 DRAFT

Meeting Agenda

Date:                  Thursday, November 3, 2022
Time:                 5:00 PM


  • Cadden Management Office for Board Members
  • On-Line for Association Members



Board Members Present: 
Derald Owens – President
Hugh Mosher – Vice President
Todd Fedoruk – Secretary/Treasurer
Joe Recchio – Member at large

Management Representative:     Jose Becerra – Cadden Community Management

Homeowners Present – None

QUORUM: Requirement is Three (3) directors



MOTION: To approve the October 27, 2021 Board of Directors Meeting minutes.
– Approved


  • President Report
    Overall the community has operated smoothly.  Weeds in the front yards, and parking issues continue to be occasional problems within the community. These issues are usually resolved quickly, without further enforcement action.

    Issues with inconsistent response and support from Cadden personnel was discussed. According to Cadden, they have experienced recent growth and employee turnover. Our issues have been noted and will be addressed by Cadden management.

  • Treasurer Report
    Financial Report for the period endinbg September 30, 2022
    – Operating Account is healthy
    – Reserve Account is behind schedule, with unexpected espenses for drought and monsoon damage to common area trees and vegitation.
    – Homeowner Dues are up to date.
    – There are no unpaid invoices.

    Operating Expenses
    Operating expenses ending on September 30, 2022, have generally been within budget with the exception of Landscaping.  The loss of three common area trees, two to monsoon storms, and one that was causing root damage to a homeowner’s property, have exceeded our landscaping budget by $1,346. Additional common area landscaping work behind Lot 28, to remove drought-killed vegetation, was approved by the Board, and was scheduled for late October. These expenditures will exceed the year end landscaping budget by approximately $3,300.

    The Board decided to consider these extra-ordinary landscaping expenses to the common areas to be capital rather than operating expenses, since these were one-time expenses (i.e. tree removals and drought-caused damage to vegetation), rather than normal maintenance work.

MOTION: To approve the financial report for September 30, 2022 as submitted.
– Approved

  • Manger’s Report Jose Becerra, Community Association Manager


  • The current agenda and minutes of the previous meeting have been included in the Board packet for your review prior to the meeting.


  • Copies of the balance sheet, budget comparison report, and financial summary for September 2022 is included in the Board packet.
  • A copy of the full financial reports for September 2022 has been forwarded to the Board of Directors.


  • Reviewed September 2022 financial reports.
  • Fielded phone calls and emails from homeowners.
  • Interacted with the Board members via email and telephone.
  • Interacted with vendors on behalf of the association.
  • Reviewed Association invoices and bills as received and coded for payments.
  • Sent out violation letters as needed.


  • Annual meeting was held in January 2022
  • Provided board with the updated Attachment A Effective August 01, 2022.
  • Drafted 2023 budget


  • Entryway solar lighting reimbursement
    The Board approved payment to reimburse Todd Fedoruk for the purchase of the replacement solar lights.


  • Community Garage Sale – November 5
    An Ad has been posted on Craig’s List and ‘A-Frame’ signs will be placed along Naranja Drive for this Garage Sale.

  • Draft Budget for 2023
    Addressing extra-ordinary landscaping expenses as capital expenses will reduce the cash balance of the capital reserve account. It is recommended that the 2023 proposed assessment should be increased to provide sufficient funds for capital funding, as well as inflationary impacts to operating expenses.  The recommendation is for an 8.3% increase, this amount equal to the Estimated CPI for 2022; and the maximum allowed by Section 6.03c of our CC&Rs, without a vote of the Association membership. If approved by the Board, this will increase the 2022 assessment by $2 Dollars per month, per Lot.

  • Call for Board Candidates
    A call for candidates postcard will be mailed to all homeowners. A call for candidates has also been posted on the HOA website and emailed to all members who have provided email addresses. Two Board seats are vacant for 2023. Todd Fedoruk has agreed to run for another 3-year term.

  • 2023 Annual Meeting
    The date for the annual meeting is, Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 5PM. The meeting will be held at the Oro Valley Public Library. 


  • Annual Meeting on January 24, 2023

ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned approximately 5:30 PM

01/26/2022 Annual Meeting Highlights

The annual meeting of the association was conducted on-line via Go-To-Meeting, on January 26, 2022, at 5:30 PM.  The meeting notice and agenda was mailed to each owner of the lot; as well as posted on the Association’s website, and emailed to members and residents that had submitted their email address to the Association Secretary.

The meeting was attended by three of the five directors, Derald Owens, Joe Recchio and Todd Fedoruk; as well as the recently appointed HOA Manager, Jose Becerra.  No additional homeowners attended this meeting,

With a quorum of directors being established, and (24) twenty-four of (64) sixty-four ballots being submitted via US Mail to Cadden Community Management; a quorum of the membership being reached as well, the annual meeting proceeded.

Ballot Results

  • Approve 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes 24 -Yes, 0-No 
  • Re-Elect Joe Recchio to the Board 36 – Yes, 0 – No
    Note: The Board had two vacancies, this allowed for a maximum of two votes per ballot to be cast; either both votes for one candidate, or one vote per candidate.

    There were no other candidates listed on the ballot and there were no write-in candidates entered. 

    We are still short one Board member. The Directors will seek out any interested homeowners willing to serve, and be appointed to the Board.

Treasurer’s Report

  • 2021 Expenses
    Expenses were within budget, with a 1% positive variance.  Cost overruns in insurance and landscaping were offset in cost reductions in other areas. The three major expenses for the association are Administrative, Landscaping, and Reserve Funding.
  • 2022 Budget
    This 2022 budget is a 5.5% increase from 2021, basically covering inflationary increases; and an increased percentage of assessments dedicated to the reserve fund. This increase is to have sufficient funds for a road resurfacing expense in 2027.

    The three largest expenses still remain as Administrative, Landscaping, and Reserve Fund Requirements, respectively.
  • Adjournment
    Without any further business to discuss, the annual meeting was adjourned and the Organizational Meeting to select officers was called to order.

  • Selection of HOA Officers for 2022
    The Board agreed to keep the assignment of officers the same as in 2021, with one exception. Hugh Mosher was selected as Vice President, replacing the retiring Ken Harry. The list of officers for 2022, is shown below.

    Board of Directors and Officers of the Association
    Board Term
    Vice PresidentHugh
    Member at LargeJoe
    Member at LargeTodd

10/27 BOD Meeting Highlights

The Board meet on-line via Go-To-Meeting on October 27, 2021 at 5:00 PM.  The meeting notice was posted on the Association’s website and an email posting to Association members (48) that have provided a email to the HOA. The meeting was attended by four of the five directors, Derald Owens, Todd Fedoruk, Joe Recchio, Hugh Mosher, and HOA Manager Maritza Sosa. A quorum being reached, the meeting proceeded.

  • Homeowner Input
    • A letter was received from two households (1) questioning the need to expend funds for street sweeping, (2) requesting a tree stump removal and wanting replacement trees planted in the common area, that were recently removed, and (3) give consideration to replacing the existing roadway with new asphalt, as opposed to continuing crack seal and chip seal layer maintenance.
  • Board Response
    • Homeowners questioning the value of street sweeping is a annual event around Budget time. Street Sweeping is performed quarterly, at an annual cost of $7.35/Lot. In years past, this service was cancelled to save money, then reinstated, after homeowners  complained about debris accumulating on the roadway and neighbors bickering over who was responsible for sweeping up leaves and other debris not from their yard.  This year, the Board has decided to cancel the sweeping service starting in 2022, and apply the $470 annual savings to the capital reserve fund. Homeowners will be responsible for maintaining the appearance of their section of roadway adjacent to their property, regardless of the origin of the debris. If this change in policy results in a deteriorating appearance of the community, or excessive enforcement action by the Board, the decision to reinstate the street sweeping service will addressed.
    • Common Area Tree Replacement
      The Board will investigate the cost of replacing the two trees lost in the common area. This area lacks irrigation and will require a means to providing water for the trees to survive, until they “take hold”. Replacing these trees and providing a means for their survival will be a capital expense, that will most likely require a special assessment and approval by the Association members.  As for the stump removal, the Common Area is a “natural” landscape, so removing the stump was not planned for in the scope of work.  We will investigate the cost of stump removal and decide the course of action at a later date.
    • Road Replacement
      According the Cactus Asphalt, our roads are capable of receiving one possibly two chip seal layers before an asphalt replacement is required. We have reached out to Cactus to receive a budgetary estimate for an asphalt replacement. In the meantime, the current plan is to apply a chip seal layer in 2027. 
  • Minutes for the October 15, 2020 Approved
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Operating Fund is in good shape; expenses are within budget.
    • Reserve Fund is down after planned expenses for road and tree maintenance. A portion of the planned 2022 5.5% increase in the assessment, and the $470 from the cancelled street sweeping expense will be added to the Capital Reserve Fund.
    • No Unpaid Invoices
    • Delinquent Assessments total $141; the majority of which is from one homeowner.
  • New Business
    • Cadden Management fee increases by 5.3% for 2022, to cover inflationary costs. Other office expenses from Cadden increase as well.
    • Budget for 2022 Approved
      • Increase of 5.5% was approved to meet inflationary increases in administration and capital funding requirements. 
      • The Quarterly Assessment increases by $3.75 ($15.00 annually). The 2022 Association assessment will be $72 per quarter ($288 annually).
      • The Street Sweeping operating expense ($470) will be cancelled for 2022. The savings in this operating expense will be added to the capital reserve fund.
  • Call for Candidates
    Two Boards seats are “open” for 2022.  A mailing will be sent to each Owner of the Lot, seeking candidates for these seats.  Joe Recchio is seeking reelection for another 3-year term. The deadline for having your name on the ballot in time for the Annual Meeting packet printing is November 30. After that date, anyone wishing to run for a seat on the Board will have to be a “write-in” candidate. 
  • Annual Meeting
    Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 5:30 PM is the date for the Annual Meeting of the Association. At present, the Oro Valley Library is not accepting meeting room reservations, so this meeting will be an on-line meeting.  One meeting packet and ballot, will be mailed to the Owner of the Lot, in early January 2022, pursuant to State Law.  


Oct 27 BOD Meeting 5PM

The Board of Directors’ Meeting will be on-line via smartphone, tablet or PC, using the Go-To-Meeting application.  You can can also just listen to the audio portion of the meeting by dialing in with your phone.
Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (571) 317-3112
Access Code: 706-754-061

2021 Budget Approved

At the October 15th Board of Directors meeting, the 2021 Budget was approved. This budget requires a 5% increase of the 2020 HOA assessment to cover increased costs for landscape maintenance, and capital funding requirements. 

The 2021 HOA Dues are as follows: $273/year ($68.25 paid quarterly). This is an increase of $13 from 2020.

Budget details will be mailed to each homeowner as part of your annual meeting packet. 

2019-09-24 BOD Meeting


  • Homeowner concern over additional costs to keep golf courses open. [That’s a decision and issue beyond the Eagles Bluff HOA Board of Directors.]
  • Homeowner concern over sidewalk lifting. 
  • Draft 2020 Budget Approved; with a 5.7% increase to fund street maintenance.
  • Cadden management fee increase approved.
  • Fall and Spring community yard sales to continue.

Minutes Pending Approval

2019-04-18 BOD Meeting


    • Maritza Sosa from Cadden Management, has been assigned as our new HOA Manager.
    • Updated resolutions on the Due Process Policy for alleged violations; and the Fining Policy were approved.
    • Road maintenance work is delayed; to begin in the Summer of 2019.
    • West side solar light at the entrance way is to be replaced. 
    • Town of Oro Valley is considering closing the adjacent golf course. Canada Hills Community Association Board of Directors seeks legal recourse.
      The Eagles Bluff Board of Directors does not have an Association position on this subject; believing it is up to each homeowner to contact the Town Council and Mayor, if they wish to voice an opinion.
    • Next Meeting, Thursday, September 26, 2019; Oro Valley Library.

Meeting Minutes (Pending Approval)

2019 Annual Meeting Concluded


  • Voting Results
    • Twenty-seven (27) ballots out of 64 returned, 42% turnout. 
    • Ken Harry re-elected to a 3-year term on the Board.
    • Joe Recchio elected to a 3-year term  on the Board
    • 2018 Meeting Minutes Approved by the Membership
  • 2019 Budget and 6% Assessment Rise Discussed
  • Miscellaneous 
    • Ownership and Maintenance of the “Naranja Strip” was Discussed
      • Asphalt Pathway – Golf Course
      • Land and Landscaping – The Association
    • 2019 Road Projects
      • Crack Sealing – Winter
      • Road Sealing – Summer