We are always looking for members interested in joining our Board of Directors or serving on a committee.

The By-Laws of the Association set the size of the Board of Directors at five members. The term of office is three years; with vacancies occuring in staggered years to ensure continunity in governance.

The Association has three “standing committees”

Additional ad-hoc committees are formed by the Board of Directors, as needed, to address any issues of concern to homeowners, or a project that arises.

Each committee has three or more members. Members do not necessarily have to be Board Members or Officers of the Association. Temporary committees are formed as needed, to address issues or projects, and to advise and assist the Board of Directors.

Whenever there are insufficient volunteers to fill commmittee assignments, the Board shall act as a “committee of the whole”. Obviously, the more diverse voices we have on our committees, the better the HOA can serves be needs of the community.

Who Can Volunteer to Serve on the Board or a Committee?
Any homeowner in our community, who is interested in the issues and topics facing our association.

With the exceptions for the Office of President and Vice-President, which must be held by a member of the Board of Directors; any homeowner in good standing, can be an officer or committee member in the association.

How Can You Join?
To join a committee, all you need to do is contact a Board member or attend a Board meeting and speak up.
Serving on the Board or as an Officer or Committee Member
Our volunteers come from different backgrounds and life experiences, yet they all have a common interest, which is to further the cause of the Association. The time commitment to Association business is minimal, but rewarding.

To become a member of the Board of Directors, you need to be elected by the homeowners to a three (3) year term, at our annual meeting held in January. If a vacancy occurs on the Board, you can be appointed by the remaining Board members at the next scheduled Board meeting.

The Board of Directors appoints the Officers of the Association, immediately after the annual meeting, or when a vacancy arises.