Approved Exterior Paint Colors for the Community

Approved Paint Colors for Eagles Bluff a History
The Canada Hills Community Association-CHCA (aka The Master Assoc) along with the original Eagles Bluff homebuilder, acting as the original HOA pursuant to the CC&Rs, established the color scheme for the community.  Over the past three decades, attempts to broaden the color palette have been met with resistance from the governing body of the CHCA. 

While some small inroads have been made in expanding the color palette, we strongly advise the homeowner to seek ARC committee approval BEFORE deviating from the approved paint colors. 

House and Trim
The paint colors listed on this page, comply with the standards of the Architectural Review Committee.  A homeowner wishing to repaint their house using these colors, or a close approximation, does not require ARC approval.  Any other color must first have ARC approval.  

Block Walls
In order to maintain a consistent color scheme for the block walls within the community; any homeowner wishing to paint a block wall that continues onto an adjacent lot, must seek ARC approval before proceeding.


Dunne Edwards Paints offers these original Base and Trim paint. Use these numbers to achieve a color match.

Base House and Block Wall Colors:
Original Color circa 1995-2000 Replacement Color
PC2450 DEC 710 Peach
PC2490 DEC 709 Adobe South
PC2500 DEW 309 Ajo Lily


Trim Colors:
Original Color circa 1995-2000 Replacement Color
PC2420 DEC 707 Foxtail
PC2440 DE 5263 Sonoran Shade 
PC2480 DEC 708 Sunset Cove

Wrought-Iron Fence Color:
DE 5726 Royal Palm  (Paint Chip #315) or
a close approximation.

Gate Color:
DE 5726 Royal Palm  (Paint Chip# 315)  or 
the same color of the block wall to which the gate is attached. 

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