Directors’ Message

Board of Directors Appointments
Until the official results of the election is are reported, the following two candidates were appointed to 3-year terms by the Board of Directors:

  • Todd Berson
  • Todd Fedoruk

Todd Berson, a recent homeowner in Eagles Bluff, is a first-time Board Member, and the Board wishes to extend a “thank you!” for volunteering to serve the community. Todd Fedoruk, an Eagles Bluff homeowner since 1996, has served as a Board Member; an Officer of the Association; and on several standing commitees, in all that time.

Board Members and Officers of the Association
At the begining of ever year,in accordance with our ByLaws, the Board of Directors appoint officers of the Association. The President and Vice-President shall be members of the Board. Any other officers may, but need not, be members of the Board.

The Officers for 2023 are as follows:

Board of Directors and Officers of the Association
Board Term
Vice PresidentHugh
Member at LargeJoe
Member at LargeTodd