Directors’ Message

Eagles Bluff News
Our Spring  2021 Newsletter is now available. Obviously, we prefer everyone to use this website for HOA information.  The newsletter, hand delivered to each household, is to remind everyone to visit here, whenever you have questions concerning policies, rules and events concerning the HOA.

Don’t have a copy of the newsletter? [Click Here]

Street Maintenance
Phase II – Surface Sealing – RAIN DELAY  Work will start 7AM, MONDAY, MAY 3rd.

This work will entail applying a rubberized coating, called TRMSS, to protect the asphalt surface and extend its useful life. The work will take 8-hours to complete. Two passes, an AM and PM pass will be made, keeping half the width of the street open for traffic.

The surface sealing material is hot rubberized polymer compound, that usually takes two hours to cool and set. Until the sealant is set, your vehicle’s tires may damage this surface, or transfer some of that material to your driveway. That said, we strongly urge everyone to avoid driving on the our streets until the coating has had time to set.

Our Newsletter discusses the project, the timeline, where to park, and tips to avoid damaging the new surface coating, or tracking the TRMSS material onto your driveway.

It is important that no vehicles be parked on the street, while this work is being performed. Everyone did a great job clearing the streets of their vehicles for Phase I of the project. Let’s do so again!

More information and reminders will be made available as the date approaches. Look for our emails, the Spring Newsletter, and placards placed at our US Mail stations and the entryway.

Board of Directors