Directors’ Message

Back to School

At some point kids will be returning to school. As you drive out in the early morning, keep a watchful eye out as for kids waiting at school bus stops along Naranja Road.  Speaking of school buses, as a general rule, we do not allow school buses to enter our private streets. If anyone sees a school bus in our community, they are encouraged to note the date, time, and if possible the bus number. Report this information to any board member or our HOA Manager. The school district will be contacted and reminded that school buses are to stay off of our private streets.

Eagles Bluff News

Our long dormant newsletter has come out of retirement for a Fall Issue. Obviously, we prefer everyone to use this website for HOA information.  A casual sampling poll was taken, and we found several residents were unaware of our website or its expanded features. This newsletter is to remind everyone to visit here, whenever you have questions concerning policies and rules of the HOA.

Didn’t get or lost your copy of the newsletter [click here].

Board Elections

Two board member terms are ending this year. If you are interested in running for a seat on the Board, please contact our HOA Manager, Maritza Sosa. Time is running out to place your name on the ballot. This ballot will be included in your Annual Meeting Packet, that will be mailed to you in December. 

Street Maintenance

We have contracted with Cactus Asphalt to perform maintenance on our streets.
Phase I – Crack Sealing, which will be performed as soon as the temperature turns colder, and surface cracks are at their widest. We will provide advance notice when all vehicles must be off the streets when this work is to be performed. This work should only require half a day and not significantly disrupt traffic.

Phase II – Surface Sealing, will be performed in the Spring or early Summer; when dare I say it; “Summer temperatures return.” A hot surface temperature is needed for optimum coating adhesion. More information of this phase of the project will be given when the date becomes closer.

Be Safe Out There!
Board of Directors