Trash Collection – Preferred Vendor

There has been some recent confusion and misinformation concerning the Association’s policy on the preferred vendor for trash collection.  Waste Management has been the Association’s preferred vendor, since the late 1990’s.  A single vendor was selected to reduce the number pickup days and their heavy trucks rolling on our streets.  A policy has been written and approved by the Board of Directors to clarify this subject.

The membership also decided to keep any contract for services between Waste Management and the homeowner; this allows for greater flexibility of services to the homeowner, without increasing Association dues to cover trash collection, and having members pay for services they were not using.  The monthly rate for one (1) trash and one (1) recycle pickup is $12.25 + taxes and fees, ($15.45).

HOA14 Trash Collection Letter 20170908

#2017-02 Trash Collection Policy