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Labor Day

Observed the first Monday in September, Labor Day is an annual celebration of the social and economic achievements of American workers. The holiday is rooted in the late nineteenth century, when labor activists pushed for a federal holiday to recognize the many contributions workers have made to America’s strength, prosperity, and well-being.

The History of Labor Day in the USA

School Buses

School buses are once again a familiar sight on Oro Valley streets. Drivers are reminded to be especially mindful of children waiting for their bus.

As a reminder to everyone on our community, school buses are not allowed on our private streets. If you happen to see a school bus in our community, please note the date, time and bus number, and notify our HOA Manager. Our manager will notify the school district’s transportation dispatcher to advise drivers that the pickup/drop-off spot is at the entrance to our community.

Weeds! Argh!

We have one more month of monsoon weather ahead, and the weeds are loving the rain.

Just a friendly reminder from the HOA, that weeds are not only unsightly, they lower the “curb appeal” of your home and our neighborhood.

Before the weeds on your property become excessive, the HOA Board is requesting you remove them at your earliest opportunity.

Thank you,

Eagles Bluff Board of Directors

Monsoon Ready?

Monsoon season runs from June 15 through September 30. Are your ready? Here is a short check list to prepare for this annual event.

Emergency Contact Info:

Are you planning to be away for the summer?

Have you left emergency contact information with our HOA Manager?

Storm damage to your home can be lessened if we can contact you quickly; so you can begin the process of damage mitigation and repair.

Your home:

  • Check the condition of your roof and gutters. Broken or missing tiles; and clogged drainage ways can cause roof leakages.
  • Keep a working flash light or two on hand.
  • Keep a battery operated radio for weather updates and emergency information.
  • Unlike landlines, cell towers may or may not work during power outages; be aware that your cell phone may not function. It definitely will not work on a dead battery. Keep a booster battery handy and charged. 

    You can use to your vehicle’s electrical system to recharge cell phone batteries.

Your yard:

  • Trim large overhanging branches. High winds and downdrafts can split or topple a tree.
  • “Beans” Clean-up your yard before storm water carries these down the street to your neighbor’s yard.
  • Wind-blown yard furniture is a hazard. Anchor it down or stow it away.

Roadways and Washes:

Flooded roads and washes can sweep away vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. DO NOT attempt a crossing while water is flowing or drive around protective barriers.

Deputies respond to 12 to 24 water rescues every year, don’t be one of them.

Additional Monsoon Info Resources

Be Safe Out There!

Cadden Mgmt New Address

Cadden Community Management has moved. Their new address is:

Cadden Community Management
5225 W. Massingale Road
Tucson, AZ 85743

Their phone numbers and email addresses are unchanged.

Phone: (520) 297-0797
FAX:      (520) 742-2618
For after hours assistance please call:  520-408-4561

This office is accessible directly from the west side frontage road just North of Ina.

Cadden New Offices

Cadden New Offices

Vacation Rental Restriction

While Arizona state law ARS § 9-500.39, prohibits cities and towns from placing limits on short-term vacation housing rentals (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.); at present, there is no statute in Arizona that prohibits private regulation by CC&Rs, of vacation rentals.

Section 9.02 Renting, of our CC&Rs requires a minimum rental period of thirty (30) days. Additionally, a copy of the rental agreement must be provided to the Association.  Renters and guests are subject to the same rules and restrictions of the Association.

For all rentals, the Owner of the Lot must provide the Association’s Management Company with the following information:

  • A copy of the rental agreement
  • Contact information of the lessee(s)
  • Contact information of the Lessor’s property management company (if applicable)

All contact information must include:

  • Mailing Address
  • Primary and Secondary Telephone Numbers
  • Fax Number (if applicable)
  • Primary E-mail address

Originally Posted: Dec. 2018

New Officers for 2022

An organizational meeting was conducted immediately after the 2022 Annual Meeting to assign Officers of the Association for 2022.  They are as follows:

Board of Directors and Officers of the Association
Board Term
Vice PresidentHugh Mosher
Member at LargeJoe

Member at Large


How about you volunteering?

New HOA Manager

With the departure of Maritza Sosa, Cadden Management has assigned Jose Becerra to assume the job as our HOA Manager. His contact information is:

Email: Jose Becerra, HOA Manager

Phone: (520) 297-0797
FAX:      (520) 742-2618
For after hours assistance please call:  520-408-4561

Holiday Lights

A common question that arises during the holiday season is, “Does the HOA have a policy or rule on Christmas lights?” The answer to that question is “no”.

The usual and customary practice within the community, is that folks put up decorations around Thanksgiving and remove them a week or so after New Year’s Day. All holiday decorations are generally removed by the end of January.

Where did the tradition of Christmas lights on houses come from?

Outdoor Christmas light displays on houses evolved from decorating the traditional Christmas tree and house with candles during the Christmas season. The tradition of lighting the tree with small candles dates back to the 17th century and originated in Germany before spreading to Eastern Europe.

Christmas trees displayed publicly and illuminated with electric lights became popular in the early 20th century. By the mid-20th century, it became customary to display strings of electric lights along streets and on buildings; Christmas decorations detached from the Christmas tree itself. In the United States, it became popular to outline private homes with such Christmas lights in tract housing beginning in the 1960s.

Helpful Tips for Avoid Holiday Lighting Hassles

  • Avoid using noisy or music-generating exterior decorations.
    At the very least, turn off those decorations by 9PM.
  • Use a timer 
    This saves you money on your electric bill, by avoiding having your lights on all night.
  • Be mindful that going all “Clark Griswold” with your decorations, might just ruin your neighbors’ enjoyment of the holiday season. That timer can save you hassles and money.

Originally Posted November 2018