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Street Maintenance RAIN DELAYED


Rain has prompted Cactus Asphalt to delay our street sealing project date. Work is scheduled for 7AM, MONDAY, MAY 3rd.

The work will be performed in two passes, and should take about eight (8) hours to complete. Street parking and traffic will be restricted. 
We have made arrangements with the Town of Oro Valley to allow temporary parking, along Naranja Drive. OVPD reminds everyone that your car must be safely parked completely off the roadway. After 4PM, you can once again safely drive on the streets.
It is important that no vehicles be parked on the street, while this work is being performed. Everyone did a great job clearing the streets of their vehicles for Phase I of the project. Let’s do so again!

Our Newsletter discusses the project, the timeline, where to park, and tips to avoid damaging the new surface coating, or tracking the TRMSS material onto your driveway.

Original Posting: Nov. 4, 2020

Submitting a Complaint

Submitting a Complaint

To file a complaint over a rules violation, please contact our Community Manager, either by phone or e-mail. Include the following information:

Who are you (name, CH14 Eagles Bluff, lot# or phone#);
What is the complaint;
When did it happen; and
Where did it happen?

If the complaint involves a vehicle, please include the license plate number.

Got a camera phone? Click it and email it to us!
You can also file a complaint on-line by going to our Contact Us page.

Please note: The Association and the Management Team cannot act upon any anonymous or unsubstantiated complaints submitted to the office. 

Board Elections

Derald Owens and Hugh Mosher were elected to the HOA Board of Directors, at the annual meeting, held on January 25, 2021. Each received 21 votes. Congratulations to the both of you; and thank you for volunteering.

2021 Budget Approved

At the October 15th Board of Directors meeting, the 2021 Budget was approved. This budget requires a 5% increase of the 2020 HOA assessment to cover increased costs for landscape maintenance, and capital funding requirements. 

The 2021 HOA Dues are as follows: $273/year ($68.25 paid quarterly). This is an increase of $13 from 2020.

Budget details will be mailed to each homeowner as part of your annual meeting packet. 

Fall Yard Sale? No

The Governor’s COVID-19 restrictions required cancellation of our annual community-sponsored, Spring Yard Sale. At present, we have not planned to have a community-sponsored Fall Yard Sale.  Look for an email announcement and a posting here if our plans change.


Vacation Rental Restriction

While Arizona state law ARS § 9-500.39, prohibits cities and towns from placing limits on short-term vacation housing rentals (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.); at present, there is no statute in Arizona that prohibits private regulation by CC&Rs, of vacation rentals.

Section 9.02 Renting, of our CC&Rs requires a minimum rental period of thirty (30) days. Additionally, a copy of the rental agreement must be provided to the Association. Renters and guests are subject to the sames rules and restrictions of the Association.

For all rentals, the Owner of the Lot must provide the Association’s Management Company with the following information:

  • A copy of the rental agreement
  • Contact information of the lessee(s)
  • Contact information of the Lessor’s property management company (if applicable)

All contact information shall include:

  • Mailing Address
  • Primary and Secondary Telephone Numbers
  • Fax Number (if applicable)
  • Primary E-mail address

Originally Posted: Dec. 2018

Monsoon Ready?

Since 2008 the National Weather Service has identified Tucson’s official monsoon season as starting June 15 and ending Sept. 30. The storms bring much needed moisture to the desert, but often come with lightning, high winds, flash flooding, hail and driving conditions that can be dangerous.

Here is a short check list to prepare for this annual event.

Emergency Contact:

Are you away for the summer? Have you left emergency contact information with our HOA Manager. Storm damage to your home can be lessened if we can contact you quickly; so you can begin the process of damage mitigation and repair.

Your home:

  • Check the condition of your roof and gutters.
    Broken or missing tiles; and clogged drainage ways can cause roof leakages.
  • A working flash light or two.
  • Battery operated radio
  • Cell Phone Booster Battery
    Unlike landlines, cell towers may or may not work during power outages; be aware that your cell phone may not function. It definitely will not work on a dead battery. Keep a booster battery handy and charged. 

Your yard:

  • Trim large over hanging branches.
    High winds and downdrafts can split or topple a tree.
  • “Beans” Clean-up your yard before storm water carries this tree down the street to your neighbor’s yard.
  • Wind-blown yard furniture is a hazard. Anchor it down or stow it away.

Additional Monsoon Information Resources

Exterior Lights

Is your exterior light bulb dead?

With the extended daylight hours of these long, hot, summer days, it’s easy not to notice this exterior bulb has gone dead.

Not all, but most of the homes in the community have a dawn-to-dusk light sensor on at least one exterior light. So by early morning this light is automatically turned off. By evening, when the light should be lit, we are inside our cool, comfortable homes; unaware that the bulb is dead.

Please take a moment tonight and check the status of your exterior light. If the bulb needs replacing, The Canada Hills Community Association (CHCA), requires you to use a 40-Watt bulb (yes, that is a “thing” with them). Using a compact fluorescent or LED bulb, although more expensive, will last longer and use less electricity.

Emergency Contact:
Are you away for the summer? Have you left emergency contact information with our HOA Manager. Monsoon Storm damage to your home can be lessened if we can contact you quickly; so you can begin the process of damage mitigation and repair.

Spring Garage Sale Cancelled

The community sponsored Spring Garage Sale Saturday, May 2, has been CANCELLED. 
A Summer Garage Sale may be scheduled once COVID-19 restrictions are removed. An email and notice will be posted in that event.

In the meantime…

Stay Home,
Stay Healthy,
Stay Connected