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Street Maintenance RAIN DELAYED


Rain has prompted Cactus Asphalt to delay our street sealing project date. Work is scheduled for 7AM, MONDAY, MAY 3rd.

The work will be performed in two passes, and should take about eight (8) hours to complete. Street parking and traffic will be restricted. 
We have made arrangements with the Town of Oro Valley to allow temporary parking, along Naranja Drive. OVPD reminds everyone that your car must be safely parked completely off the roadway. After 4PM, you can once again safely drive on the streets.
It is important that no vehicles be parked on the street, while this work is being performed. Everyone did a great job clearing the streets of their vehicles for Phase I of the project. Let’s do so again!

Our Newsletter discusses the project, the timeline, where to park, and tips to avoid damaging the new surface coating, or tracking the TRMSS material onto your driveway.

Original Posting: Nov. 4, 2020

Towing Contract Signed

The Board has signed a contract with A&B Towing, for future towing services involving vehicles parked in violation of the Association’s Parking Policy

Vehicle towing as an enforcement tool, will not become effective until the Board clarifies and updates the Resolution of the Board of Directors Regarding the Imposition of Fines, and provides sufficient notice of this enforcement tool to all owners and residents.

This process will take several weeks to implement.


Parking Do’s and Dont’s

Every Board meeting brings up questions concerning parking in the community.  The CC&Rs do not permit any overnight parking on the streets or in the driveways.  Starting back in 1998, at the beginning of homeowner control of the HOA, this parking ban was considered too restrictive.  

The Board formulated parking regulations that allowed limited overnight and driveway parking within the community.  Those parking regulations have evolved over time, and can be found under the “Documents” page of this site.  Many of these regulations mimic the Code of the Town of Oro Valley, for public streets.  

By HOA standards, these regulations are quite liberal and the Board encourages everyone to review and follow them.  Let’s be good neighbors.

15 MPH Speed Limit

The Board is considering posting a 15 MPH speed limit on our streets.  It has been generally accepted that the unposted 25 MPH limit is too fast to travel safely through the neighborhood. 

Additionally, the Board is checking with the Oro Valley Police Department to see whether they will enforce the lower, posted, limit on our streets.