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2021 Budget Approved

At the October 15th Board of Directors meeting, the 2021 Budget was approved. This budget requires a 5% increase of the 2020 HOA assessment to cover increased costs for landscape maintenance, and capital funding requirements. 

The 2021 HOA Dues are as follows: $273/year ($68.25 paid quarterly). This is an increase of $13 from 2020.

Budget details will be mailed to each homeowner as part of your annual meeting packet. 

2019-09-24 BOD Meeting


  • Homeowner concern over additional costs to keep golf courses open. [That’s a decision and issue beyond the Eagles Bluff HOA Board of Directors.]
  • Homeowner concern over sidewalk lifting. 
  • Draft 2020 Budget Approved; with a 5.7% increase to fund street maintenance.
  • Cadden management fee increase approved.
  • Fall and Spring community yard sales to continue.

Minutes Pending Approval

2019-04-18 BOD Meeting


    • Maritza Sosa from Cadden Management, has been assigned as our new HOA Manager.
    • Updated resolutions on the Due Process Policy for alleged violations; and the Fining Policy were approved.
    • Road maintenance work is delayed; to begin in the Summer of 2019.
    • West side solar light at the entrance way is to be replaced. 
    • Town of Oro Valley is considering closing the adjacent golf course. Canada Hills Community Association Board of Directors seeks legal recourse.
      The Eagles Bluff Board of Directors does not have an Association position on this subject; believing it is up to each homeowner to contact the Town Council and Mayor, if they wish to voice an opinion.
    • Next Meeting, Thursday, September 26, 2019; Oro Valley Library.

Meeting Minutes (Pending Approval)

2019 Annual Meeting Concluded


  • Voting Results
    • Twenty-seven (27) ballots out of 64 returned, 42% turnout. 
    • Ken Harry re-elected to a 3-year term on the Board.
    • Joe Recchio elected to a 3-year term  on the Board
    • 2018 Meeting Minutes Approved by the Membership
  • 2019 Budget and 6% Assessment Rise Discussed
  • Miscellaneous 
    • Ownership and Maintenance of the “Naranja Strip” was Discussed
      • Asphalt Pathway – Golf Course
      • Land and Landscaping – The Association
    • 2019 Road Projects
      • Crack Sealing – Winter
      • Road Sealing – Summer

2018-10-30 BOD Meeting


  • The Board has approved a 17% ($40/yr) increase to the Annual Assessment.
  • Assessment requires a 2/3rds approval of the Association members.
    Budget information and a ballot will be mailed to the Owner of the Lot.
    Please mail-in your ballot before November 28.
  • New resident Joe Reechio has volunteered to fill the vacant seat on the Board.
  • The solar lighting at the entranceway has been repaired.
  • Street maintenance is planned for mid-January 2019.
  • New Association Manager Renae Hamby, has been assigned to us.

Meeting Minutes

2018-07-16 BOD Meeting


  • Agnes Hertzog Retirement Effective July 31, 2018
  • Vanessa Lubinsky is our temporary manager until a permanent one is assigned.
  • Issues with the tree removal project reviewed.
  • Entryway solar lighting repair budget approved.
  • Road maintenance project team formed.
  • Planning for the 2019 Budget to commence after Labor Day. 

Meeting Minutes