Board Approves 2019 Annual Assessment

The Six (6%) Percent Increase in the Annual Assessment

The Board of Directors has approved a six percent (6%) increase to the annual assessment, the maximum allowed by our governing documents without membership approval.

The 2019 Assessment will be $246.00 per year ($61.50 per Quarter), effective January 2019. This is a increase of $14 from 2018.

This increase is the minimum necessary to meet our 2019 operating expenses, and to fund our future capital expenditures.  Discretionary expenditures in our budget are limited, so in order to match the lower revenues, the 6% Budget increase contains the following major changes:

  1. A 20% reduction in replenishing the capital fund. This will require more time, and a higher annual rate of increase to meet future capital expense requirements; and
  2. A 50% reduction in forecasted non-contract landscaping expenses arising from the mature common area vegetation; and
  3. A 10% reduction in “General Repair and Maintenance”, to address the cost of miscellaneous non-capital repairs, previously paid from reserves.

Approved 2019 Budget