Town Council Votes 6-1 to Support Golf

Town Council Votes 6-1 to Support 36-Hole Golf Course Option

On October 2, after nearly 5-hours of testimony by Town Staff, public comment, and Council discussions, the Council approved Mayor Winfield’s motion to support the 36-Hole (18×2-courses) option. The vote was 6-1 in favor of the motion; only Vice Mayor Melanie Barrett objected.

Support for this motion is predicated on the following conditions:

  • Open Play will be made available on both the El Conquistador and La Canada Courses.
  • Modifications to the Community Center to provide amenities consistent with a municipal course, Most notably, stem the losses of the Overlook Restaurant.
  • Increasing membership fees another 5% in 2021.
  • Town staff to recommend to Council, the most cost efficient means of financing the needed capital improvements to the golf courses and the Community Center.
  • Park & Rec is to develop programs and marketing campaign to promote new memberships, open-play golf and youth golfing programs.
  • Limit the 0.5 cent sales tax revenue collection for golf operations, presently amounting to a $2.5M/annually, to a $750K/annual operating subsidy.
  • Implement performance measures to achieve cost, revenue, membership, and open play goals.
  • Canada Hills Community Association HOA contributing up to $100,000 annually (10-year limit) to golf operations.*
  • The Villages at Canada Hills HOA contributing up to $25,000 annually  (10-year limit) to golf operations.*

    * This funding may be terminated upon agreement of both parties or when the sustained operating  tax subsidy is below the $750K threshold, projected to occur in FY2023. 

    This funding may be contingent on a vote of the membership of the Canada Hills Community Association (CHCA) and The Villages at Canada Hill Association, respectively. This has yet to be determined by their respective boards, by-laws and covenants.

    It should be noted, that Board of Directors for CHCA Village 14, Eagles Bluff HOA, has not approved or offered any subsidy or assessment to support golf operations.