New Exterior Design Guidelines

The Canada Hills Community Association (CHCA) has revised their design guidelines entitled: Design Review Guidelines Standards for the Modification to the Exterior of Existing Homes-March 2021.  The CHCA (formerly known as the Master Association), has overall design restrictions for the 21 Villages of Canada Hills; of which Eagles Bluff is Village 14.

Keep in mind that the CHCA allows Village Design Guidelines to be more restrictive, but not less restrictive, than CHCA Design Guidelines. This revision clarifies what external modifications require a CHCA Design Review submittal and approval.

As a reminder to all homeowners, modifications to the exterior of your home usually requires approval from our Eagles Bluff Design Review Committee.  As a “rule of thumb” if the exterior design modification does not require a submittal the the Canada Hills DRC,  then the Eagles Bluff DRC does not require a submittal as well. If you are in doubt, always contact our HOA Manager for guidance, before you begin your project planning

If your external design modification does require Canada Hills DRC review and approval, you must first submit your planned modification to the Eagles Bluff DRC for review and approval,  This two-step approval process is explained on our website.